Believe it or not, research indicates that fidgeting has some real health benefits–the most significant being weight loss. It has been found that fidgeting actually burns a decent number of calories. We’re not suggesting that you should kick your daily workout routine, but having your body make constant small movements over the course of a day can really add up. Common spontaneous fidgeting habits like wiggling, pacing, tapping, and leg bouncing may all contribute to a substantial caloric burn.

According to an article by Fitness Blender, making little body movements is normal to most lean and athletic people; they just tend to have busier bodies. You may notice this as this is the type of person who tends to pace while on the phone, tap while sitting at a desk, and gesture more while talking. On the other hand, people who are less physically fit tend to move less as they lack any regular physical activity or exercise.

For those who want to lose weight while fidgeting, help yourself with these tips:

Fidget all day. In a post by Washington Post, researchers have found fidgeting is vital in burning at least 350 calories a day. Imagine the results if you regularly fidget for a whole year!
Fidget with different body parts and when your situation permits it. Are you in a middle of a meeting? Tap your fingers on your legs or wiggle your toes. Waiting for someone? Whip out a toy you keep for fidgeting and play with it. Try as many muscles as you can in one time.
Don’t get comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you tend to not move around. To do that, you can sit in an uncomfortable chair, wear slightly uncomfortable shoes, or lean against a hard surface.
Even though fidgeting is considered to be unacceptable by many, do consider it as a form of exercise.