2021 Parent’s Guide To Pop-it Fidgets (Silicone Bubble Pops)

Chances are you’ve landed here because your kids been harassing you for their first or tenth pop-it fidget toy.

Or maybe they’ve just been talking about them non-stop and you want to see what they’re all about.

Either way…I’ve got you covered.

These are pop-it fidgets. Sometimes called “bubble pop” or “push pop”.

The come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

And because of that…kids love collecting and trading them with friends.

Now, let’s get into some of the questions I first had and am sure you’re wondering yourself.

And at the end, I’m going to share some of the hottest bubble pop styles of 2021!

In a rush? Here are a few of the most popular pop-it fidgets.

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What Are Pop-It Fidget Toys Used For?

Pop-it fidgets (aka bubble pops, bubble poppers) are sensory toys made from molded silicone with raised bubbles that can be pressed or “popped”, similar to how bubble wrap is popped.

They’re mainly used as an outlet for fidgety, anxious, and sensory kids.

What Do You Do With A Pop-It?

Pop-its are full of finger-tip-sized bubbles that can be pressed down over and over again, making for an extremely satisfying and relaxing experience!

Once all the bubbles on one side are pressed in, flip it over and repeat.

They also make a very gratifying noise every time they are popped.

One side it the loud side and the other is a softer (resetting) side.

Here’s a pop-it in action so you can see what I mean…

Pretty satisfying, right?

You can also play games with bubble poppers. In fact, I think that’s what they were originally for.

Here’s a video showing how to play the Pop-It game:

You can pickup this pop-it game by FoxMind on Amazon.

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Now, Where Can You Buy Pop-It Fidgets?

Pop-its are approaching the level of popularity that fidget spinners had a few years back, so you’re able to find them more and more places.

You can buy pop-its at:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Etsy
  • Ebay
  • Claire’s
  • TJMaxx

I have to say though, I’ve yet to see any store with a selection comparable to Amazon’s selection of pop-its.

In fact, that’s where some of my favorite bubble pop fidgets came from.

10 Most Popular Pop-It Fidgets

1. The Classic Round Push Pop Fidget

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2. Rainbow Owl & Rainbow Unicorn Pop-Its

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3. Colorful Pineapple Pop-It

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4. Tie-dye Grogu Pop-It

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5. Glow-In-The-Dark Florescent Pop-It

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6. Cute Red Crab Pop-It

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7. Splatter Paint Octagon Pop-It

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8. Tri-Color Dinosaur Pop-It (2-Pack)

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9. Pop-It / Simple Dimple Combo Set

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10. BIG Square Pop-It

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