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This 12-sided fidget has so much fidgeting fun packing into one cube! Made from high-quality plastics and other materials, this cube will withstand any fidgeting and stress you throw it’s way. Choose from 3 awesome colors!

12-Sides of relaxing and fun fidgeting, including:

  1. Gear – 3 gears to be poked and rolled with voice of clarity and harmony
  2. Disk – Turn it just like you are turning a disk
  3. Button – Gamepad controller buttons experience Silicone Ball – It is resilient and can be pulled and pinched freely
  4. Silicone ball-Soft and exquisite hand feeling, resilient
  5. Joystick – You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy the gliding action
  6. Switch – Pivot it back and forth and make you feel like turning on and off something
  7. Soft Rope – It is retractable and can hung anywhere
  8. Click – With it you don’t need to click that pen anymore
  9. Finger Massage – The tactility of the surface has the function of improving blood circulation and massage
  10. Worry Stone – Use your fingers to rub it repeatedly and it can relieve stress and annoyance effectively
  11. Sliding Blocks – Sliding blocks to adjust your own life rhythm
  12. Emoji – The little faces are cute and they won’t get angry no matter how you pinch them

Buy at - FidgetDoctor