It may not come as a surprise to most of us that jobs in the military and public safety are very stressful, but there are other jobs out there that are stressful that you may not even notice. Here are the top stressful jobs in America according to CareerCast’s annual Most Stressful Jobs report of 2016.


When you work in the military, you are exposed to a vast range of stressor events, either as part of military training or work assignments. Also, military women may have more stressors, considering they operate in a male-dominated environment.


While being a firefighter is noble just like serving in the military, it can be stressful. According to CareerCast’s report, firefighting was given a 71.59 stress score and a projected 7 percent growth by the year 2022. It is said that stress from being a firefighter comes from the physically dangerous and psychologically taxing nature of firefighting.


If you think that traveling to different places, sightseeing, and learning about other cultures can be a good thing, it’s not true for most airline pilots. The biggest stressor for pilots is the constant time zone change, especially those who are flying international flights. Other tasks such as dealing with dispatchers, crew, and flying and landing on time are just some of the stressors that makes piloting one of the top stressful jobs in America.


If you drive every day, chances are you have encountered stressful traffic jams and bad drivers. That is why when you drive a taxi for a living, you can multiply that stress times five. Other reasons why it is a stressful job include long hours, lack of physical motion, back problems, and passenger-induced stress, to name a few. Because of that, taxi driving is ranked as the 9th most stressful job.


Event coordinating can be very rewarding, but sometimes it takes a toll on the people who are working in this industry. Stressors of this job include trying to be organized all the time, looking out for even the smallest details, deadlines, and tight budgets.

So there you have it, the top stressful jobs in America. To be fair, most jobs – if not all – have some stressors and we have our own difficulties at work to tend with. No matter how hard your job is, just remember that many want to do what you’ve been doing.