READ THIS FIRST: Oiling or lubricating your fidget spinner will reduce the speed and length of its spins. As we discussed in our guide on How to Clean and Maintain Your Fidget Spinner, adding any type of oil or lubricant to the spinners center bearing will not only reduce the speed (velocity) of the spins, it will also reduce the length of the spins you achieve with your fidget spinner. So why would anyone want to oil their spinner?  THE BENEFITS OF OILING A FIDGET SPINNER Makes a quieter fidget spinner – Many fidget spinners, especially those with ceramic / hybrid ceramic bearings, can be a bit noisy; making a slight ‘whirling’ or ‘hissing’ sound. Adding oil or lubricant to the spinners center bearing will greatly reduce the noise.
Smoother spinning fidget spinner – When a fidget spinner lacks lubricant in the center bearing, you may feel more of the spin resonating in your finger(s). Some like this feeling, while others don’t. A good fix to smooth out and reduce this vibration is to add a little oil to the center bearing.

Before you start the process of oiling your spinner, you’ll want to get the following items:

Lightweight oil (we recommend Hoppe’s No. 9 Synthetic or Blue Juice Valve Oil)
Clean surface to oil your spinner on (piece of cardboard works well)
Clean paper towel

STEP 1: Make sure the center bearing of your fidget spinner is clean (learn how to clean your fidget spinner here).

STEP 2: Remove the center caps/finger pads from your spinner to expose your spinners center bearing.

STEP 3: Place your fidget spinner on a clean (dust and lint-free) surface, with the ball bearings facing UP. Make sure it’s somewhere that, if oil gets on it, can easily be cleaned. A piece of scrap cardboard works well.

STEP 4: Put one small drop of oil (we recommend Hoppe’s No. 9 Synthetic or Blue Juice Valve Oil) on the center bearing. It goes a long way – so less is more. DO NOT OVER OIL THE BEARING.

STEP 5: Slowly spin the spinner, alternating directions, to work the oil into the bearing.

STEP 6: Put the center caps/finger pads back on your spinner to protect the center bearings from attracting lint and dust.

STEP 7: Carefully wipe any excess oil from your spinner with a paper towel. Avoid touching the actual bearing with the towel.

After following these simple steps for oiling your fidget spinner, your spinner should spin much more smoothly and quieter.

So you oiled and lubricated your fidget spinner, played with it a bit, and decided you liked the way your spinner spun before. Now what?? Are you going to be able to de-lubricate your spinner?

YES. If you want to remove the oil from your spinner, simply follow our recommended cleaning instructions here. You may need to repeat the actual cleaning steps one additional time to ensure all the oil is eliminated.

Attracts dirt – The oil on the center bearing will attract dust, dirt, and lint, so you may have to clean your spinner more frequently.
Can be messy – It’s possible that some of the oil may come off the bearing during spins and cause a mess. That’s why it’s important to not over-oil the bearing.
Slower spins – As we’ve mentioned before, the biggest drawback of oiling your fidget spinner, is that it will reduce your spin length and speed.