The Top 20 Fidget Toys Of 2021

Fidget toys are only increasing in popularity.

Thanks for popular fidgets like the fidget cube, fidgeting is gaining more exposure and acceptance.

With so many fidgets to choose from, it can be difficult to pick which fidgets are right for you.

Good news — we’ve already done most of the work for you. Here is our hand-selected list of The 20 Top Fidget Toys (in no particular order).

1. Tom’s Fidgets – Original Flippy Chain Fidget Toy

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The Flippy Chain fidget is made from interlocked chain links that are connected by stainless steel split rings; which will never corrode or break. They’re connected in a way that allows them to flip end-over-end in a smooth, relaxing motion.

The chain links are each wrapped in pure silicone o-rings to provide better grip and you flip. They also add to the tactile experience of this fidget. Lightweight, compact, and quiet; this is the perfect pocket-sized fidget.

2. ATESSON Classic Fidget Spinner

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Stop fidgeting and start spinning! Reduce your fidgety ADHD habits, calm and focus your mind, and finally make it through those dreaded work meetings.

This fidget toy is made from smooth and durable brass and uses a high-speed stainless steel center bearing for effortless, balanced, and lasting spins.

Grip it between your thumb and middle finger then flick it with your pointer or ring finger and be amazed by how fast the spins are!

Another quiet and compact fidget that you can take with you anywhere.

3. Tom’s Fidgets – Roller Chain Fidget Toy

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Another unique yet extremely gratifying fidget, the Roller Chain Fidget Toy is an effective stress reducer and the perfect focus aid. Made from 3 connected bike chain links and 6 silicone o-rings.

Place on your fingertip and roll it around-and-around with your thumb for hours of mindless fidgeting. When it comes to quiet fidgets, this is about as close to ‘silent’ as they come. Pocket-sized and extremely durable.

4. 6-Sided Fidget Cube

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Possibly the most popular and well-known fidget toys out there…and quite possibly the toy that made ‘fidgeting’ acceptable and cool. Fidget Cubes come in a variety of designs with the main differences being:

  • Number of sides – 6-sided is the most popular and common
  • Fidget side options – each side typically contains a different fidget function such as rolling, turning, clicking, rubbing, or turning. Different cubes will have potentially different options.
  • Color combination – what makes fidget cubes even more fun is the color combinations you can choose from. There’s sure to be something for every color taste.

Fidget Cube is an essential fidget for any collection or fidget box, whether for home, the classroom, or the office.

And many people choose this as their first fidget because of its inexpensive price – maybe consider getting fidget cubes for the whole family!

5. NOVICA Sterling Silver Floral Meditation Spinner Ring

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Yes, fidget jewelry exists — and it’s not only an attractive accessory, it also it a great way to alway have a fidget handy.

Many people find themselves spinning their wedding ring or other rings they might already be wearing. Spinner rings are really two rings; one ring overlapping the main ring, set in a channel that allows it to spin.

Calm your nerves during stressful or anxious times by spinning the ring. This particular ring is 8mm wide and made of oxidized Sterling Silver and comes in a nice pouch.

Perfect accessory or gift for a fidgeter in your life.

6. Fidget Dodecagon –12-Side Fidget Cube

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While not the smallest and most concealable fidget, this 12-sided fidget dice gives you a ton of variety.

Satisfy your fidgety desired with one of these 12 choices: gear, rotating disc, button, silicone ball, rocker, switch, soft button, soft silicone, forget the worry stone, turn upper and down buttons, minions, and silicone rope.

This sturdy, quality-made fidget toy is perfect for children and adults alike. Makes a great office desk conversational piece or classroom fidget.

As with many other fidgets, choose from different color combinations. This makes it easy when you’re ordering multiple for your kids (different color for each kid).

7. Metal Light-Up Tri Spinner Fidget

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This sleek designed tri spinner is an upgrade to the fidget spinner we mentioned earlier.

It lights up as it spins making for ultra-cool fidgeting fun (especially at night!).

A great option for someone who already has a few fidget spinners and is looking for something more unique and different.

8. Small Mobius Hand Fidget Ball

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Both stylish and extremely useful, these fidget balls are made right here in the USA!

Made of interlocking anodized aluminum rings, this aluminum sphere makes a great office toy and is perfect for keeping those fidgety hands occupied.

The anodization process the aluminum chainmail rings go through gives them their vibrant color and adds to the durability of the metal.

Loose enough to allow for fluid movement, one ring over the other, in an infinity pattern that it will never end. There’s no puzzle to be solved here…just endless fidgety fun.

9. Playable Art Ball

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Become an instant artist with this colorful and playful fidget toy. The Playable ART Ball

 is made up of 20 colorful interconnected wooden balls which you can twist and turn, thanks to its uniquely designed connecting joints.

Designed in Germany and made in FSC-certified high-quality beech wood with non-toxic paint, this fidget toy is perfect as an office or desk toy that can enhance creativity and imagination.

Transform it into your own orb and display it for everyone to see.

10. Color-Coded Therapy Putty

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This intensely entertaining and colorful putty is ideal for rehabilitation and is guaranteed by the manufacturer to maintain its resistance consistency for 1 year.

The Color-Coded Therapy Putty is a silicone-based putty that is color-coded for easy resistance identification.

Each color has a different resistance consistency and can help with developing stronger grip and better overall hand strength.

They come packaged individually for extended convenience and easy storage. Contains NO latex and is non-toxic so you can be assured is safe for ages 5+.

11. Tangle Fidget Toy

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Bring this fun little toy wherever you go! Have fun twisting this twisty thing and feel the tension of your body releases as it slips through your fingers.

The Tangle fidget is recommended by therapists and teachers for children who have autism and ADHD because of it’s relaxing movement. They also make great gift ideas for office co-workers.

12. Marble Fidgets – 10 Pack

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These marble fidgets have been adopted by teachers, therapists, and even call center managers because of their ability to calm nerves, increase focus, and provide tactile stimulation.

Each fidget consists of a glass marble surrounded by quality, durable mesh. The mesh is designed to take the abuse of repeated fidgeting so you can feel free to squeeze, squish, pull, and twist it!

Easy to wash: use warm water and mild detergent or toss in the washer with clothes. 10-Pack makes the perfect starter set for your classroom or office.

13. Twiddle Fiddle Linked Building Toy

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Let your imagination run free and put your fidgety mind at ease with this irresistibly fun fidget building toy.

Crunch, mold, smooth, shape, disconnect, reconnect…the possibilities are endless. This set includes 70 removable and interchangeable building pieces made from durable plastic for long-lasting fidgeting.

Build shapes, structures, designs, and whatever your mind can imagine. There are larger packs and expansion packs available as well as an assortment of colors to choose from.

14. Begleri Bead String Toy

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Both a skill toy and a fidget, the begleri finger toy consists of two or more beads tied at both end of a short string. The toy can be flipped and twirled using your fingers.

Created with solid aluminum round bars, this toy is not only fun but is also stylish to carry around. Keep your hands busy with this amazing and handy fidget toy.

15. Relaxing Liquid Motion Bubbler

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A new take on watching sand fall from an hour glass, this liquid bubbler is super relaxing and mesmerizing. The fluid motion of the bubbler helps promote calm and relaxation.

A great focus aid for children (and adults) and is a mix between a lava lamp and an hour glass. Perfect for an office desk, classroom table, or simply to keep around the house. This bubbler measures 2″ Wide and 5.75″ Tall.

16. Aerobie Squidgie Ball

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This fun, mesmerizing, and washable fidget toy is addictive you won’t take your hands off it for hours!

Amazingly enduring, this ball can be played whether inside or outside of the house. It has two holes in it so you can tie a rope and play it like yo-yo and for eye-tracking activities.

This toy is not just a sensory toy that provides tactile input to kids with hypersensitivity to texture and touch but it is also a great toy for dogs.

The Squidgie Ball comes in different bright colors and made proudy in the U.S.A.

17. WITKA 350 Pieces Magnetic Building Sticks

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Kids or even adults alike will have fun building and creating shapes with this Magnetic Building Set, which contains 350 pieces.

18. Magnetic Sculpture Building Balls

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The Magnetic Sculpture Toy is a fantastic office desk toy that can relax, calm, and improve creativity.

The set comes with 171 stainless steel balls of different sizes and a magnetic base. With this toy, you would be able to create hundreds and hundreds of combinations.

It may not be easy to play but it can be fun if you have the patience and creativeness.

Warning: The Magnetic Sculpture Toy contains small parts and is not intended for children under 3 years of age.

19. Play Visions 1 X DNA Ball

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The DNA Ball is a perfect stress reliever and hand strengthener. This multi-colored balls in a transparent ball can be irresistible once you start squishing it.

This toy is not made of latex and non-toxic so it’s safe to be used by kids 5 and up. Though, the DNA Ball is not designed for heavy work.

20. Koosh® Ball

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Possibly the first ‘fidget ball’…but certainly a classic. No fidget collection, stress relief toolbox, or office is complete without a Koosh® Ball. Includes 1 randomly selected ball color, 3″ in diameter. T

These Koosh® balls are easy to toss (or throw), juggle, or bounce by the strings and can be used for tactile stimulation and sensory exposure.

Easy to wash and recommended for ages 3+.